Brick by Brick…We’ll Rebuild Hi Tor Animal Shelter!

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Rebuild Hi Tor Animal Shelter

In addition to the shelter’s basic running and operating costs, the shelter is housed in a building in great need of repair and enlargement. In 2011 alone, Hi Tor took in about 2,400 animals.

The Hi Tor Board Of Directors has compassionately stated that the return to the previous days of massive euthanasia would not be supported.

The Humane Society of the United States notes a national community average expenditure of $8 per resident per year for animal care and control in 2009, yet in Rockland, government funding for the shelter cumulatively amounts to about $0.64 per resident per year. In a county as affluent as Rockland, this situation is a disgrace and cannot be tolerated.

So join us and spread the word so we can end this travesty. See our Committee list under our ‘How You Can Help‘ page.

We’ll keep you informed of what we all can do to support our beloved Hi Tor Animal Care Center’s ability to continue to be a caring voice for the voiceless.
It has been said ‘You can judge a society by the way it treats its animals’. Rockland County, let’s live up to the promise of a better shelter for the county’s animals.